Having a birthday party, graduation party, Bar/Bat-mitzvah or corporate event?  Entertain your guests with a classic from the 80s or something more modern like an adventure or fighting game from the 90s.  We rent arcade games and pinball machines to private parties, studios and movie applications.  We also have long term monthly rentals for corporate lunch/game rooms or lobbies to entertain employees or guests. 

We have daily, weekend and weekly rates.

Weekend rates

Video Game $150
Pinball Machine $200
Sit Down Driving Game $200

*For a weekend rental we will typically deliver on Friday and pick up on Monday

Weekly Rates

Video Game $300
Pinball Machine $400
Sit Down Driving Game $400

*Please note that there will also be a pick up and delivery charge based on where your rental items will be delivered.


Rent a pinball for 2 months for $800 delivery and pickup included!


*Please note all games are also subject to availability!  Please call us to make sure we have the video game, pinball machine or table game you would like to rent currently in stock.

*Contact us for discounts on long term rentals.